Do You Know the Story of the Prosperity Hen???

Hens or chickens have been a symbol of prosperity in India for possibly thousands of years.  In the harsh climate of Northern India, people were considered abundant if they owned a flock of chickens.  That flock of chickens could mean the difference between poverty and living a life of plenty.  They have traditionally been given as gifts to celebrate life’s milestones.

In Northern India, a group of talented ladies create gorgeous strands of Prosperity Hens.  They use beautiful bright scraps of jewel-colored fabric, colorful glass beads, tiny delicate silver accents and hand-formed bells.  Each strand is handmade and a little different from the previous strand.

We are proud to carry Prosperity Hens as a part of our inventory!  They are a fair trade item.  If you are not familiar with the term “fair trade”, it is a program that was developed for underdeveloped third-world countries.  In order to participate in the program certain standards must be met and the workers must be paid a fair wage for their work.

Prosperity Hens can be placed anywhere you like.  However, traditionally they are placed near doorways to invite good fortune into the home.  Or, you can hang them in a drab corner of your home that would benefit from a little splash of color.  And every time you look at your one-of-a-kind strand or hear the melodic sound of the bell, you will soon attract the abundance you want to fill your home, heart and your soul.


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